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Your Guide to buying a Nidra Mattress

Your Guide to buying a Nidra Mattress
Although most beds boast dozens of special features, choosing the best bed for you ultimately requires assessing your personal needs and preferences as they pertain to mattress comfort, support, durability and size. Since we spend about 1/3 of our life sleeping, choosing the right bed mattress should be a carefully thought-out decision. Your health and welfare could weigh in the balance.

Here are some important things to consider: What are the key elements to keep in mind when selecting a mattress? The four most important factors are comfort, support, space and matching sets. First of all, if the mattress doesn’t feel comfortable when you lie down on it, find one that does. A mattress should provide ample support for all parts of your body. A firm mattress that supports your body is better for your health in the long run compared to a very soft one. Also, make sure there is enough space for free, easy movement. A couple needs to have a king or queen size mattress. Finally, a mattress and foundation (box spring) are designed to work together. Buy them as a set to ensure optimal support and comfort. (Our Complete Nidra Sleep System takes care of this for you.) While choosing a mattress, it is important to look at certain details. Simply looking at a price tag is no way to choose a mattress, (for example , a spring mattress) you will lie on for the next 10 years or more! No other piece of furniture is used as often or contributes more to your overall health than a mattress.

You wake up less refreshed if you have spent a good part of the night tossing and turning on a non-supportive mattress. When we lie down to sleep, we spare little thought towards Chronobiology, the science behind sleep. And we give even less thought to the construction of the mattress which supports our body.

As sleep plays a very important role in the well-being of each one of us, considerable thought and effort has been spent in developing and building truly supportive sleeping surfaces. A normal human in his/her sleep moves anywhere between 40 and 60 times a night, including some 10 to 15 full body turns.

So it is important to invest in a good quality sleeping surface which must be able to provide instant and sensitive response to different postures during night sleep both in the supine and side position.

Your Guide to Buying a Nidra Pillow

Your Guide to Buying a Nidra Pillow
The pillow has a role to play in the comfort and quality of sleep. As students and practitioners of the science of Chronobiology, we have designed and fabricated a variety of pillows to meet the varied needs of our customers. We firmly believe that details do matter. Every detail is examined meticulously and an appropriate solution is offered. That is how we have a range of pillows to go with our mattresses: Soft Memory Foam, Firm Memory Foam, Super Soft Polyutherane (P.U.), High Density P.U., and other types. Choices of upholstery are available, as color and texture add to one's feeling of well-being. From our study of chronobiology, and also from our substantial experience in this field, we have realized that a pillow has to be selected based on the following parameters: Use, size, support class, filling / material of construction and whether one needs a conventional or adjustable piece. More details are available in the attached PDF.

Why is the pillow important? One of the most important ways to have a good rest is sleeping. Without a good pillow people cannot have good night's rest. However, it is hard to find a good pillow at an ordinary mattress store in the market, because most are made unscientifically. If one uses an improper pillow, tiredness next morning would be a natural consequence. There are several factors to make comfort while sleep, such as proper heights, softness, design, material, and so on. A pillow which doesn't suit one's needs is hard to sleep. Prolonged use will cause a lot of problems. Our company has the experience, the designs and the products to help customers choose the right pillow. The attached PDF File serves as a guide in the selection of the correct Nidra pillow. With detailed explanations and beautiful illustrations, it helps to educate the buyer.

Your Guide to Buying Nidra Pillows : Amongst the various products that make a complete sleep-set, the mattress contributes the most towards a restful sleep. To place an order for nidra pillows, you should specify the 5 listed points


  1. Use
  2. Size
  3. Support class
  4. Filling / material of construction
  5. Conventional or adjustable


Are you sleeping on the right pillow : Mattress size is more or less controlled by the bed base/ cot you own. We manufacture mattresses as per exact width and length of your bed base / cot. If you are deciding to purchase a new bed base/cot and mattress, go for the maximum size that your bed room size can accommodate.


More individual sleeping surface means a better nights sleep. Remember. you spend one third of your life in bed.


If room size is not a constraint, for a couple, one should opt for extended-queen or king size mattress and a matching bed base/cot. To specify the size of the mattress, you should specify the width in inches or mm and length in inches or mm.